how to mount display


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I purchased the CFAF320240F-T-TS and now I do not know how to mount it on case, is there a common system to strengthen ?
which places of the display, I can cover with gasket that does not change the functionality

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There are many ways.

For a compact display like this, you must mold a small "shelf" in the bezel of the case. Like a "picture frame", the display rests against this shelf, inside of the frame.

From behind, some other element of the design can "back up" the display to keep it from moving out of the shelf. Often this is the back of the case (like the top LCD of a Nintendo DSI) or a PCB (like the bottom LCD of a DSI.


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I have used this display myself and had a cutout in the rear of the panel to suit the LCD. I have used Front Panel Express ( for the panel. I then had the PCB mounted a short distance from the rear and used a hard foam gasket to sandwich between the LCD and the PCB taking care to ensure that only the edges of the LCD are actually in contact with the foam. This method works very well for me.



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panel mounting CFA533

Do you have any advice or experience mounting the CFA533 with its push buttons through a metal or plastic cabinet? I would like to maintain a water tight seal.