How to display the content of a txt-file


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Does anybody know how i can display the content of a txt.file?

i want write some serverstats in a txt-file and then display it on a
windows machine.
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LCD Smartie can do it. Its usefull if you want to download things like updated weather forcasts in a txt file and then have the LCD display them. Hopefully CC2 will let you do it!


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yes, it is actually very very helpful. Through displaying things from txt files, you can get all sorts of things from the internet, like tv listingts, weather, news, pretty much any text you see on a webpage you could have on your LCD.

However, when the version that allows plugins is released, if text files haven't been implemented intot he actual program, I will see about doing a plugin for them. Because that really is the main reason why I chose LCD Smartie over CC