How to create bitmapped fonts


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I am looking into creating my own bitmapped fonts for a T6963 graphic lcd.

Any comments on how to get started?

When using a T6963 graphic lcd is each pixel addressable or are they 1 by8 pixels addresses or something else?
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I'm not sure whether the T6963 uses row or column bytes (I think row), but in graphic mode a byte will write 8 pixels. So to change individual pixels you can use the bit set/reset commands, or keep a copy of the image in your cpu memory, modify the bits, and re-write to the display.

Here is one place to start using a font editor, my own contribution:

I've also seen posts here in the last year or so with links to other, slicker, font editors, but I can't recall where those posts are. Maybe CF Tech will be able to supply some links. And, there's always a google search.


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I use Microsoft Paint top compose mt T6963 screens.

Do the following:

1. Set MS Paint to the same pixel array size as your screen (Typically 160 x 128 in my case).
2. Set screen to monochrome.
3. Compose your screen.
4. Save as monochrome bitmap (creates text file).
5. Edit BMP file to match syntax and array format of whichever software you're using to control LCD.
6. Write software routine to load the array into graphic area of LCD.

You can embed the array into your source code so that it paints your screen everytime you run it, or save it in external eeprom, etc.

You may also find little graphic LCD editors free on the web nowadays.