How to check backlight current?


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I have recently bought myself an lcd from everbouquet.
My searches sofar for a datasheet that specifies the current and operating voltage of the led backlight. Is there anyway that i can calculate/measure the backlight current and the voltage needed?

Or is there anyone that can supply me with a datasheet for this lcd MC2004E-SYL?

Any help will be highly appreciated..
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Yes i have seen it

But that page is of no help i got a copy of that where i bought my lcd from but it doesnt say much on led backlight voltage and current..


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check backlight current?

If the back light is LED's, then the most current the can handle safely is 20ma. The voltage used for the back lighting can be of 12vDC or 5vDC. Take the voltage divided by the current 20 milli amps = equals the resistor value to use. recommend a 1- 5 watt resistor to disipate the heat from the current. It would be best to limit the current of the back light at @10-15ma. If you use a 12vDC source keep the ground reference the same as the 5vDC used for the LCD (connect both 5 & 12 vDc grounds together).