How much longer???


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How much longer are you gonna be pushing back the arrival date on the serial 20x4 LED backlit (SKD204634SGLG)??? I think it's the third of fourth time you did it. For God's sakes how much longer is it gonna be? Are you gonna change the date from 8/04 to something else again?
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It was with great frustration that we were forced to change the date once more.

We know that this re-tooling period has taxed your patience to the limit, as it has taxed ours.

It is certainly not our desire to delay shipping the product, and we appreciate that you are eager to have your order filled.

Every date that we have posted has been based on our factory's delivery schedule as given to us. When some circumstance occurs that impacts the delivery schedule, we are forced to change the date to the next best estimate. The current date of 8/04 is when we expect to have them ready to ship.

We do thank you for your patience, and we are sure that the SKD204634SGLG rev 2.0 will be worth the wait. Please hang in there with us.

{edit 8/02/2001}
Unfortunately, we must re-issue a new arrival date of 8/15/2001. We sincerely apologize for this delay. Our factory has assured us that production is on target and modules will be shipped ASAP. Thank you for your patience, we appreciate your business. The serial modules have undergone some upgrades, and these changes have taken a bit longer than expected. The finished product will be worth the wait.


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Sorry for that previous "jumpy" post, but I was just going to your site, once again, to finally make an order, when I saw the date pushed back again. That just frustrated me a bit. I understand that it's not your personal fault and not that you can do much about it yourself.

I guess I'll just keep on hanging! ;)