how do you display custom text on a 634?


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hey all,

i just got a second hand crystal fonts lcd [model 634] in trade from a buddy of mine. i got it installed in the crystalfonts double bay bracket, and i use the 9 pin serial cable hooked to com 1......everything is great, installation went fine, and the crystal control software is working very well.

i would like to know how to isert a line or two of custom text? if i add text between 2 ~ characters, all i get is e10......

i would like to have one line of the display have custom text, or maybe modify how some of the pre set text readouts for winamp, mbm, etc display.

while i am here asking questions anyway, how do i get the [e10] messages to disappear when winamp is not in use? presently i have it set up as

line 1: time/date
line 2: windows version
line 3: winamp track title/artist
line 4: winamp track time, winamp bitrate

i would like it to either switch the last 2 lines to some other text when winamp is not running, or just go blank, instead of displaying the e10 messages......

is this possible for a n00b with no c+ skillz?

many thanks in advance for the help.


p.s......crystal fonts displays rule......mine was used, and it still works like new.....these things are built very well, and the mounting bracket is very well constructed.

anyone who is on the fence about getting one........just do it!
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At this time the ~tokenstrings~ are hard coded. You cannot insert new ~items~ and have them resolved into useful data.


On the screen configuration window, top right ... you can select skip if winamp is not running or stay if winamp is running and skip if not (which seems to me to mean the same thing <?> ... maybe the author meant skip if running, stay if not .. wich would meet your needs - you could have two screens, one with time/date, version, winamp stuff, one with time/date, version, other stuff .. and the two would trade off when winamp is toggling.


The author is working on an expanded version, and releasing the API (programming instructions) for plug-in support - meaning more can be done, since more people will be able to expand it.

Enjoy for now -> just make another screen for winamp only, and skip when off.
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ok........well, i dunno if it is because i am too stupid, or what......i couldn't get it to work.

a few questions:

does the box marked "alternate" on the main crystal control screen need to be ticked for it to switch screens by application used? if so, what do i set the delay to?

[ i know that if you want to swap back and forth between 2 screen configurations, you need it on alternate, but what if you only want it to alternate IF is running......and i don't want it to go back and forth between the 2 configurations. i want it to run the non winamp screen 100% of the time, if winamp is not running, and instantly switch to the winamp configurated screen when i fire up the application.....when winamp is running, i want it to be on the winamp configured screen for 100% of the time, until i exit winamp, and i would like it to instantly switch back.]

this is what i did [that didnt work]:

i left my nornal screen config, and called it the winamp screen [this is what i would like to be displayed while winamp is running:]

line 1: time/date
line 2: windows version
line 3: winamp track
line 4: winamp bitrate/ track time.

the "non winamp" screen i made was the same as the one above, except line 3 and 4 were blank.......i tried every possible combination of "skip if running," etc options, with and without the "alternate" box checked......none did anything.

do i need to make a seperate winamp only screen, without the time and date?

sorry to need a second post to get it sorted, bear with me.......and thanks for the help.


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first off CC don't work with winamp3 unless you use a patch so I hope you are not using WA3.......

yes I would make a seperate winamp screen. If CC see's a winamp "tag" I'm sure it will skip it......

and you can not write in between the ~ ~

here is one of my screens

line1: Todays Date
line2: ~DTDATED~
line3: Current time is
line4: ~DTTIMELAP~
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thanks, Americanfreak.........i got some custom text on there now [omitting the ~ on each side of the text i wanted displayed, d'oh], and i got a screen that pops up when i fire up winamp, as well as a screen that fires up when i launch addition to the main screen that is on if neither winamp, or mbm is running.

thanks again,