How do I setup my software??


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i got CrystalControl for my 634 (which is coming in the mail) how do set up it? doe it show every display by default??? i want it to show winamp songs, pc performance and all that good there anything speacil i have to do?

when i start the program it says "add new screen" what is this? i made one and i don't know what to do in there...

i also have LCDriver, how do i get this to work with my LCD?
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CF Mark

First... for more information on what each setting does, leave you mouse ove it for a second or two... itll give you some brief information on it.

A few steps:

In the settings screen, under "lcd modules" click add.
Select the "CrystalFontz 634" and then fill in the rest of the settings.

Under "lcd modules" select the 634.
Under "selected module setup" click "add new screen".

Click in the "Line1" box and enter some text... this text will be shown on the first line of your LCD.
Click in "Line2".
In the "avaliable information" box, select "Date/Time" and select "Date (mm/dd/yy)".
Click the "Insert Tag" button... this will insert the 'tag' needed to display this information on "Line2" of the LCD.
Click "Done".

Ok... this has set up one screen for your LCD module.
You can now add as many screens as you like to display any information you like.

See how you go.


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ok I have the 632 and Im trying to setup the software. I did what CrystalControl Admin said to do but all im getting is these crazy letters going across the screen. Iv got no clue what to do. The letters just keep going and going and going. How do I fix this. I have winXP by the way.

CF Mark

Is the simulated LCD display in CrystalControl displaying what you want?

Or is that also showing the same kind of characters you are seeing on the LCD?