How do I power it up ?


New member
I have a CFA635-YYE-KU model .
I want it to start up when my system turn on ( or in other words as soon as I press the power button ). In windows when I connect it , it's display turns on if I have the drivers installed .
How do I make it turn on with the system power , as soon as my USB has electricity ?
Need help ASAP .
Thank you ,
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CF Support2

Typically the CFA635-YYE-KU does not power on until the USB subsystem (via the drivers) tell the module that it is "okay" to power on. This is part of the USB spec.

With some modification, it is possible to bypass this spec although we don't recommend it. If you open JP2 on the module, and then supply +5 to pin 16 and ground to pin 15 on H1 -- either by making your own cable or using our WRPWRY24.