How do I get my CPU usage on my LCD?


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Hey guys im sure this is very simple but im new to these LCD's and was hoping one of you could help Ol'Muggy out here.
I have a 634 display and have crystalcontrol running.
I have had no problems so far getting various things to display.
I would like to know what the usage of my CPU is on my display.

Thanks guys.
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yes i have MM but how do i get CPU usage on the LCD?
I have selected the temps i get from MM and they show up but Im unsure what to select in the CrystalControl prog to show it?

CF Mark

MBM doesnt supply CPU usage to CrystalControl.

Look under "Performance Info" -> "Processor" in the tree.


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Which option under the processor tree is CPU usage? There are so many different options, I'm confused.


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So, have you tried other performance options? Because the one suggested works for me. Can you perhaps post some screen captures of your cc1 screen config so we can see if something looks amiss?