How can I make this work?


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I wanted to make a simple timer out of these green back lit displays. I think number 632 is good, but not sure if this is what I need. I want to attach this to my commercial Espresso machines that I manufacture. This is how I want it to work:
When the "start" brew switch is activated I want the display to show seconds counting from 0 up like0,1,2,3,etc. until the brew switch is switched off. While in the off position I need the display to show the time at which point it was shut off(example 26 seconds) and just continue to show this until the brew switch is started again, at which point it will start from 0 again. Is this difficult to accomplish?
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CF Tech

We could do this with a little custom firmware in a CFA-631, CFA-633 or CFA-635 (they have flash based processors), but the CFA-632 would require a separate controller to do the timing and send the numbers to the display.

If you could make a CFA-631 work, it could look pretty nice with the large numbers: