How can i make my 634 do this?

USB LCD Displays - Graphic and Character LCDs with a Keypad

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CrystalControl just isnt made for this, and it would be a real nightmare to try and get CC to do.
By nightmare i mean nearly a full rewrite of the 6000 odd lines of code.
Not gonna happen :(
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Wintest is meant to show off the hardware features of the display. It is up to the software authors if they want to use those features in their programs.


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bummer thats like having a new car that you know can go 100 mph, but is fixed at 45mph. So none of this stuff is going to show up in CC? I guess LCDC is really good but wont work With CF LCD..........and I don't know programming........

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Right now the 0.9x series is "frozen" while work progresses on the new version.

There will be another version of CC, and new things will be added to it. I for one kinda like the clock idea, so maybe we can talk MWP into that one.

As always put it in the Requested Features for CrystalControl thread. We do read that thing and will do our best.