How about support for folding@home?


New member

I'm wondering if there is any possibility to add CrystalControl support for the folding@home project ( It would be nice to have such an addition since folding@home is a quest to help the humans fight against deseases (I like watching X-Files, but my computer does fold proteins and is not part of the seti project :).

Folding@home has not so may participants as Seti, therefore supporting the protein folding project would perhaps help to raise the popularity of this really great distributed computing project.

Best regards,
Claudio from Switzerland
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CF Mark

The idea now is that i make CC bug free, then release V1.00, hence it being called a pre-release.
So im not going to look at new features until V1.00 is released.
When it is, f@h will be one of the first things i look at.