hor. bar graphs corrupted on CFAH2004ATMIJP

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Im using a CFAH2004ATMIJP connected to my parallel port (I know you dont support this officially)

I use jalcds to control the lcd. everything works fine with the exception of bar graphs. they are all some kind corrupted.
doesnt matter if winamp graph, cpu-usage or that. the graph should be displayed 'solid' but there are wrong symbols in the graph which looks pretty sh*tty.
sorry, but I dont have a digicam or similar, so *for now* I cant supply any pictures of it.

also any animated chars (self made animations supported by jalcds) do not work right.

I read that hd447... lcds have a memory for up to 8 custom characters to be displayed. do CF displays have this kind of memory?
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CF Mark

All HD44780's support the 8 custom characters.
So, yes, yours does.

First, check your wiring.
If thats ok, itll probably be a bug with Jalcds, so email the author about that.

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wiring is ok, as everything else (standard characters and wincfah test) do work perfectly.

i also tried a different software, lcdsmartie with the same result, broken bar graphs :(

i also have a no-name 2x16 display which does not show this error :eek: