Highest resolution display?


New member
What is the highest resolution display available that someone like me (i.e.a nobody) can buy in small quantities? What I am interested in is dot size in mm or resolution in dpi. The display should be at least 320x240 RGB (or 240x320).

I would like to build wide-field binocular display goggles for a pet project, and HMDs that do what I want easily cost 10k$+, while the standard fare only provide the equivalent of a 10-inch display at 2 feet.

The sharpest display I could find on the CrystalFontz store is the CFAF240320E-T, at 240x320 (0.14mm, ~180 dpi).

Looking elsewhere, I found (both from Toshiba Mobile Display) the LT056DET2S00, at 1024x600 (0.12mm, ~210 dpi), and the LTM030DD4, at 480x800 (0.081mm, 313 dpi). Both of these seem to be available only to someone with a merchant account.

So, is there somewhere something like an LTM030DD4 that I can buy?


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