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Just got me LCD last week, and got it running sweet. The problem is thought it looks a bit plain, I am currently using CrystalControl for software and was just how to do or if the following is possible:

1. Change the font and/or size (ie so it uses 2 lines).
2. Add some kind of graphics, anything would be better than nothing.
3. Change the boot screen.

Also when the computer is booting up the Crystalfontz boot screen flashes on/off several times and does not hold till the Crytalcontrol kicks in with my system info etc. Is there anyway to stop this and have the display on while the computer boots up, or is it just my computer not giving it constant power?


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your problem

I would assume that it is kickin on (just like mine) since windows is powering up the port and trying to autodetect anything on it. As for getting the unit to remain always on.. Simply connect +5volts to the +5V(LCD) pin. you should be able to jumper that +5vdc right off the +5vdc off the backlight wire right next to it assuming that you are using backlighting.