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I have a serial lcd 634.

I install the software, and enabling the display, but when I try to add new screen, I got a lot of this type of message (this is the first one):

(Access violation at address 0047B442 in module 'CrystalControl.exe'. Read of address 0000000A)

This comes when the program tries to load the setting for winamp and other lcd screens.

It also come if i try to run simulate lcd.

i have a pentium 4, 2.0 Ghz, win 2k, 512mb ram,

please help me
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CrystalControl Admin said:
You are using the latest version of CrystalControl?
That is a similar message/problem area I had using Windows 2000 Server with any account other than the Administrator account. My curiosity would be whether the individual is logging in under a normal user account and getting this, and if so, if logging in under the Administrator account alleviates it. If so, that is a problem with the latest version of CC1.

Reference my Windows 2000 Server titled question in this area that has a 0 response level (grin).
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