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New here, so bear that in mind. ;^)

I'm currently building a home video game arcade cabinet (see This cabinet will have many buttons that correspond to different tasks depending on which game is chosen(the program MAME can play many different games (Galaga, PacMan,Space Invaders, etc.). I'm thinking of having an LCD display over each button, or perhaps one long display over all buttons, that will basically display the appropriate label ("FIRE", "LEFT","HYPERSPACE", etc.) for the buttons function depending on which game has been chosen.

Is this something that is relatively easy to set up with the software that controls these displays, or will this require a good bit of custom programming?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies!

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CF Mark

You will probably need a separate LCD for each, as the longest LCD we have probably wont be long enough to cover all the buttons.

Youll need to come up with your own software for displaying the information to the LCDs.

CF Mark

They look pretty cool.

Youll have to look at the datasheets for those and again, come up with your own hardware/software to use them.