help, please :)


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I am working on a new concept which involves a display. Problem is that I have no idea about the technical part of this concept. All I have is a great idea and a vision + obviously an interesting business model as well as a demand in the market that I can address…

In rough headlines I need a display that can show a number between approx. 14 – 16 characters. It needs to be powered from a lithium battery similar to those found in wrist watches. Somehow possibility to enter a number in the device must be available; editing the number over time may also be a required option in the final version - it should be possible for anyone to make these changes by means of some simple procedures.

Well none of this is a problem I guess. So what is the challenge then? The total device must have measurements smaller than 12 mm wide, 6 mm high and 2 – 3 mm thick… The smaller the better!

For the record and as stated before I do not know anything about the technical part – therefore I am also open for completely other solutions that can substitute the above functionality, as long as it fits with the measurements.

Please kick in, in case this is something that you have any ideas/solutions for.


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You probably will not find a display that small which could have high enough resolution to show 14 characters.

I suggest a plastic case with a printed paper insert, which can be changed.