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Having trouble with 16x2 LCD in my trail cam, losing segments, and now unreadable. I want to replace it with an OEM LCD Module, but I don't know who the mfg is. Pics below (though blurry, sorry) show it is a low profile narrow module that uses a hot bar flex process that I can't find anywhere. Also, the 14 pin header is on the right side of the module when most are on the left, but the pin out lines up if I flip the display upside down.

Label on the back of the display reads; AM0003R-01, then 0724-000298.

Dimensions are 84mmx24mmx7mm ish

Just for grins, I attached a Powertip module (PC1602-F) to the motherboard, and it works perfect, but upside down.

1. Can anyone tell me who makes it and model?
2. Will a module like a CFAH1602O-TFH-ET drop in?
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I do not recognize the first number The second looks like a date code and a serial number.

You could try putting some of the dimensions into the Parametric Search, that might pull up some candidate modules.

Beyond that, I would not be sure where to go.


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I've looked everywhere, so I'm looking at this CF display instead to replace it. It's the only narrow right sided header LCD I have found. I'm sure it would work based on the specs of the powertip module that worked, but that module was way too big and would be plugged in upside down.

One problem I noticed on this CF module (CFAH1602O-TFH-T) is that the VDD and VSS pins are opposite than other standard headers according to the data sheet. Could this be a typo? All the Left sided pin configs I have seen have Vss on pin 1 and Vdd on pin 2, but this CF module has Vdd on pin 14 and Vss on pin 13 (they translate to Pin 1 and 2 if you turn it upside down).
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Well, I'm not aware of a typo in the data sheet. That is one of the reasons we photograph every module, to ferret out problems like that. So I think the data sheet is OK.

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The data sheet for the CFAH1602O data sheet is correct, the pin numbering is opposite of most other modules.

Depending on the size of the modules, our other 16 x 2 modules with a 2 row header are:

CFA1602C series:

CFA1602D series:

CFA1602M series:

CFA1602P series:


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OK, well I guess I will have to swap the pins in order to use this in my application somehow, or use the P series model and live with an upside down display.

Is there an easy way to jumper the Vdd and Vss pins, via the resistor pads on the back side of the PCB?