HELP - CrytalControl asking for PDH.DLL on Win 98 SE


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I installed CrystalControl 1.06 on Win98 SE, but when I tried to execute, I received a message that de file PDH.DLL couldn't be found.
So I read about it, and read that it's a NT versions file.

As I have the Win2000 installed on my computer, I copied the file PDH.DLL to Win98, and still have a message error, that now says that is impossible to initiate the file, and say to verify the file for determine the problem. :confused:

I just don't get it. If it is a NT file, why it is asking for it in Win98???

I installed CrystalControl on my Win2000 without any problem.

But as I use Win98 as main OS, I want to use CrystalControl with it.

What I have to do to make CrystalControl work on my Win98 SE?

Thank you very much for helping me!

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New member
Hey, I decided to look more in the forum and found the CC 1.07 that works fine!

Sorry for not looking for it before.

So, for those with problems running CC under Win98 SE, try get the 1.07 version!