Help Connecting Data Vision LCD to LPT


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I have the following monitor. The screen is a DATA INTERNATIONAL DGA-32240-27-SNCW-HCDTC. The info can be found on data visions web site, or i have a copy of the pinout below. I also have the TDK transformer for the bulb and all the resistors and a 25k pot. I was hoping you could give me an accurate diagram to connect this thing to a LPT port.

Thanks in advance

Pin NO. Symbol Function

1. VSS Ground (0V)

2. VDD Power supply for Logic circuit (+)

3. V0 Power supply for LCD Contrast adjustment

4. A0 Data Type Selection

5. /WR 80 Series: Read Signal
68 Series: Enable Signal(E)

6. /RD 80 Series: Read Signal
68 Series: Enable Signal(E)

7.~14. DB0~DB7 Display Data

15. /CS Chip select Signal

16. /RESET Rest Signal

17. VEE/NC Power supply for LCD driving / NC

18. SEL1 8080or6800 family interface select

19. DCLK External Clock Input. This clock runs the SAR conversion process and
synchronizes serial data I/O.

20. /CS Chip Select Input.Controls conversion timing and enables the serial input/output

21. DIN Serial Data Input. If CS is LOW, data is latched on rising edge of DCLK.

22. DOUT Serial Data Output. Data is shifted on the falling edge of DCLK. This output is
high impedance when CS is High.

23. PEN Pen interrupt.

24. PEN1 Pen interrupt setting.

25. IN3 Auxiliary Input 1. ADC input Channel 3.

26. IN4 Auxiliary Input 2. ADC input Channel 4.
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