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This is probably going to be a really stupid question but I dont even know where to get started. I just got this idea in my head today and google searches havent shown me anything. I have a project I would like to do. I have seen lcd screens available from this site and others. I would like to get a 3.5" screen and connect it to a camera/video source. I want something that does a resolution of something like 320x240. I guess my question is how do I connect my video source to the screen and how do I power it? Are there "connectors" that I need to purchase? How do I know what kind of power source I need? Can I just use a 12v battery or a AA? I am accustomed to learning to do things on my own but I just can seem to find a tutorial or faq to get me started. Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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The easiest way to do this would be with standard AV components.

Get a "2nd monitor" from one of those add-on car seat back DVD players. It should accept "composite" signal. Or a "bare" kit like this: Kits

Then get a simple "composite" video camera:

They should connect together in theory :)

You might also be able to find a "backup camera" kit for a motorhome, that would have everything you need in it:


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Thanks for taking the time to respond, CF. Let me try to explain a little better what I am trying to do. I work in the medical field. I have an idea for a variation of an instrument that is used millions of times a day in the country. So I am trying to make a prototype. I will be attaching a cmos or ccd camera to the device which includes a fiberoptic or LED like source. The device is inserted into the body and I need the image that the camera is capturing to show up on a small (3.5") remote LCD display. So there will be the instrument with the camera attached, some sort of cable and then the remote lcd display. How do I get that image data to display on the lcd? How is the video connection made to the display and how is the display powered? I certainly dont expect you to provide me with a complete set of directions to accomplish this but if you could give me some general advice or point me to some resources so that I may learn for myself how to do it. I have searched Google, been to the book store and Fry's Electronics. No luck. I have been able to find the products that I think I would need online, but I have no idea how to integrate them all. Thanks again!