hello ! i'm new here ' and i need help please


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Hi !
I bought an LCD Display and the controller of it is AC162A
in fact (i think) the CrystalControll software dosn't support
this kind of controller !
if i wrong , and there is a way to define my display , i would like to get help from you !
and if not i need help !
if someone knows other software to use for my display ?
please help me
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CF Tech

OK, found the data sheet in this thread.

Looks like a regular old "HD44780" compatible. CFAH_WinTest or CrystalControl might work.


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thanks for help me but ......

thanks !
but i still see a the top line (16x2) colored black !
{someone tell me it should be like that before it starts }
do you know what can be the problem ?
i'm pretty sure i build the circuit like it should be .

please try to help me

CF Support

With parallel displays, it only takes 3 wires connected correctly to get the display to show that top line of characters (or lines 0 and 2 for 4 line displays) ... Vcc, Vdd, and Vo (power, ground, and contrast pins).

Check your wiring first.

If that doesn't work, check your wiring again.

99.9% of parallel display 'failures' in the hobbyist/PC user market are wiring problems.

Good wiring guides for HD44780 compatible LCD's can be found:







You can also go to http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?threadid=5582 and search for "assuming alphanumeric" and you will find a short Q/A post on parallel displays.