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i can't seem to find a way to do this, but i may have overlooked it, so please help me out. what i want to display are all of my disk drives with used space and total space in gigabytes, with two decimal precision. i noticed that in the main branch of the crystal control screen setup there is 'disk drive info', however, this only gives you the option of selecting bytes, mbytes, gbytes, etc. if you go to performance info->logicaldisk, you can achieve the free space in the format i'm looking for (ie. 4.82 gb), but not the used space or total space available. is there a way to do this, and if not, can crystalfontz add this feature in their next version?
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This is my disk space step-up.
Line 1: Disc Free Space

Which tells me how much free space I have on those drives. I think unless you are using Flash Memory your total space will always be the same.

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yeah, i know how to do that, but i don't want to display megabytes. i want to display gigabytes, with two decimal precision. here is my setup now:
Line 1: HDD Usage
Line 2: C: ~DRVUCG~ / ~DRVTCG~ Gb
Line 3: D: ~DRVUDG~ / ~DRVTDG~ Gb
Line 4: E: ~DRVUEG~ / ~DRVTEG~ Gb

see, the problem with this is that it is displayed like this:
HDD Usage
C: 5 / 9 Gb
D: 25 / 42 Gb
E: 34 / 48 Gb

but i want this:
HDD Usage
C: 5.33 / 9.02 Gb
D: 25.25 / 42.28 Gb
E: 34.01 / 48.95 Gb

see what i mean? i can get this with the free space total under performance info->logicaldisk, but not with used space or total space available.


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what version are you running? I have 1.01

Under Disk Drive Info I see options for
Free Space
Used Space
Total Space
% Free
% Used

I think there is a bug or something......I set up a test screen......look at the stuff in red then look at the two in blue

Its say MB but it looks like is really GB to me?



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no, everything you see there is correct, not a bug. you have 6.28 Gb of free space, which truly is 6,439 Mb, but you could think of it as 6.439 Gb. you bring up a good point. having the space in Mb rather than Gb does essentially show gigabytes with a 3 decimal precision (give or take a few since there are 1,024 bytes in a Mb).

still not quite what i want, but thanks for the screenshot...