hd44780 part of screen dead


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Help me plaese...

i have a hd44780 20*4 screen that use to work fine, but then one day it decided not to work correctly :~

the test screen works fine, but when data is applied into it the first 8*2 pixels dont work...

the wireing is all correct.
the first pic is the 'boot' screen and it shows that the pixels do work, but the second pic shows a full screen on 'w's but the first 8*2 doesn't display.
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ah sorry... i should of included more info :p

its currently connected to my pc via parallel port, using
DriverLINX Port I/O Driver to access the port and using LCD Smartie5.2 or LCD center 2.0 to drive the LCD screen.

yes CFAH_WinTest does talk to it and when done the 20*4 8bit test on the correct port, it will disply all the characters except fot the 8*2 block.

it is conected to pc via this interface