Have any alternative 2004K LCD's been tooled?


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Just wondering if any positive alternatives to the yellow/green 20x4 low profile LCD have been tooled in the past? Considering possibly going for a 50 pieces of an alternative colour (white led like 24x2 and 40x2 would be preferable) if anything has been tooled (which is a pre-req to a custom 50 piece order?)

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how about now? :)

a TFH part would be nice addition to one of the more innovative character products you have. but i cant buy 1000 of them! maybe 100

have a look at the negative blue below, he doesnt like the sunlight, can you him screaming for another positive TFH part? (he thinks yellow/green is boring/generic)


CF Tech

The CFAH2004K series is currently only available in the white-on-blue and the dark-on-yellow.

We do not have any additional variants planned for that series. The minimum order quantity for a special variant would be 1000 pieces, although it might be possible to get one of the techs to build up one piece as a prototype.