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Followed a link from overclockers, dowloaded CC and fired it up, great stuff.. However I am having trouble with the ~MBMCPU~ it always displays a 0. I have MBM version 5.08. Temps work, Had trouble with fans speeds too.

Have you considered developing a plugin system so that we might develop our own modules for CC? I once developed a bar graph slider on a HD44780 ( Parallel port under Linux ) for CPU load, just basically used the scroll instructions, added a bit of delay and it worked quite well. Quite easier on the little char based LCD displays, probably much harder on the dot matrix style ones.

Anyway.. Thanks again for the great work.
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CF Mark

Its good to see a local in here (im from Adelaide, MWP in the OCAU forums).

Sorry, youll have to go to MBM 5.1.x.x for those things to be fixed. I accidently wrote 5.x.x in the readme.

Bargraphs will come in later versions of CC. But its not top priority at the moment.
A DLL plugin system might also be in the works.