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Dwaine Garden

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After looking through the net for a cheap and working LCD. I found out the LCDPROC supported your LCD.

After buying one. I have ended up buying another one.

Great products. There are lot of people that are buying your products for mods to their boring cases.

It's nice to see a company deal with joe six pack, instead of the usual "You must buy about 59 million of our product before we will sell or talk to you".

If anyone interested in the best LCD driver for Linux, check out the LCDproc site.

Your product works great in my car computer! It will be interesting to see some of the games information being displayed while I'm driving, gps viewing, playing Quake and watching DVD.


Dwaine Garden.
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While not exactly on topic, I definitely have to second Dwaine's comments, both in regards to the quality of the 634 and the LCDproc app.

With a few minutes of work the 634 was installed (although it didn't fit in the original case I intended as the supplied brackets did not match up with the rail system the case used) and working like a charm.

A little extra work and I was feeding LCDproc data gathered, not only from the local machine, but from other computers and network gear via SNMP.

Great work folks!