GREAT Job! Good to be back to LCD's!


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Just wanted to throw a *HUGE* thanks to you guys at Crystalfontz for your great work on CrystalControl.

I bought a 16x2 backlit from you a long time ago (been about 2 years now), and quit using it as the only software to use at the time was LCDriver (1.0). Configuring my own screens at the time was a real pain as I'd have to code all I wanted into Visual Basic. So like I said, I unplugged it about a year ago and haven't used it since.


I found my old 16x2 in an old box while cleaning today and thought I'd just check up on software options for the heck of it. Glad to see so much intrest has developed in LCD's now and you guys took the time to write this great application. I re-plugged in my LCD and was up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Kudos to y'all. Keep up the great work!

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i bought myself a 634, then sold it used after i could think of nothing clever to do with it (i had no need to display my fan speeds or cpu temp on an lcd). now (probably about 6 months later), i begin to think of things to do with it, but dont have anymore :(
moral: never sell an lcd.