great job Cfontz!!


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I just wanted to say i am glad to see crystalfontz expanding the product line. I LOVE the new backlit and negative parallel LCDs.
Can't wait till 20x4's come out! Very nice work you are doing with the site as well, and adding a forum is a great thing. keep up the majorly good work.

(same Dexter as from HardForums)
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Second that...

Thanks for all the work that you're putting in Brent... it's greatly appreciated. It's all too rare to find this kind of awesome support these days, and to be able to communicate in such a direct and friendly manner with a company. Refreshing to see a group that's so committed to great products and that actually cares about their customers after the MasterCard debit hits the merchant account :- )

If you're ever down in the SF Bay Area, give a holler, and I'll buy you a drink :)

--- Rupert

Rupert Scammell

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Wow - thanks rupert and Dexter. We appreciate the kind words.

Still working hard behind the scenes -- many new standards just waiting to go live on the site!

........................stay tuned!