Graphics Processor for use with CFAF320480C5-035T-TS ???


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New to working with these types of displays. Can anyone recommend a Graphics Processor for use with this display, please? The requirement is for still image screens with slowly changing displays...not any quick moving video or anything like that. Also, any recos on good video tutorials or books?

Thanks, Odessa.
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The CFAF320480C5-035T-TS can work with any number of micro-controllers. There are a lot actually.

Besides driving the display, what else will your device be doing? The more that you'll be doing, the "more" of a micro-controller that you will need. One advantage of the CFAF320480C5-035T-TS is that it does support a number of different interfaces; 16-bit Parallel, 18-bit Parallel, 8-bit Parallel, 9-bit Parallel, DOT-CLK interface / Generic RGB, or SPI. The 8, 9, 16, and 18 bit parallel interfaces are also called "MPU interfaces".

Some micro-controllers have built in support for displays, in particular TFT displays. There are typically limitations to that support - - such as which interface is supported, or specific controllers. Our display has the Himax HX8357-B, or compatible display controller.

We have worked with Cypress, STMicro, and Atmel micro-controllers. These are only a few of the many available. From Cypress, look at the PSoC4 line, or possibly the PSoC 5. From STMicro it's more about how much processor you want. Our CFA735 / CFA835 is built around the STM32 series. From Atmel, the ATMega line should be adequate with the AVR32 being quite capable.


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Thanks for that reply, Administrator. We have selected the Microchip PIC24FJ256DA210 for this application.