Graphical User Interface Software for GLCDs


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We are developing a GUI Interface using the CFAX1264AP1-TFH and a PIC24 series uC.

I'm not new to uCs, but I am new to Graphical Displays.

I wanted to get a feel for what others are doing and their preference when writing code to create menus.

I recently purchased EasyGUI to create the Display Menu, but am having difficulty with compatibilty with our C Compiler from CCS.
It seems like a great way to go using the price is right. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I will be able to use it because of compatibilty.

1.) Is anyone using a GUI Software program such as EasyGUI ( or are most writing own code?
2.) Does anyone have a preference on other C Compilers for Microchip uCs?

Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.


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I have always ended up writing my own routines. It seems that the projects I end up working on are always tightly constrained in terms of memory, processor speed, and code space, so I end up making my own code that is highly optimized.

The down side is that development takes forever. For a high-volume project, it still might make sense to have reduced hardware needs (lower production costs) that a tightly coded graphics library offers.

For a low volume project (<1000 per year), I think the approach of using a larger/faster processor with a commercial graphics library will make more sense.

Have you tried RamTex?

I worked with them once, and they were quite helpful. I do not have experience with EasyGUI, so please let us know how it works out.

In writing your own libraries, I have found that you really do not need too many functions. Typically a line function, a rectangle function, and a bit-aligned text function will handle a large portion of what you would want to display.


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I will look into Ramtex and see what they have to offer. Thanks.

I definitely want to turn it around fairly quickly..that's why I was leaning towards EasyGUI.
Once I get communications and initialization done with the LCD It's just a matter of learning a new software program which will write the menus for me -- but might not in the most code efficient (memory) way. That may not matter for this particular project since we are using the PIC24 series which seems to have quite a bit of ROM and RAM.

As far as a new compiler -- I'm leaning towards the Microchip C30.

Thanks again for your suggestions and advice.



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We ended up keeping the EasyGUI software to interface with the PIC24.

It is compatible with Microchip C30 compiler -- I also tried it with the CCS PCD compiler -- not compatible, but EasyGUI may release a compatible version with CCS in the near future.

Once you get communication going with the GLCD it is pretty straight forward. I've had a few technical questions and they were very responsive. EasyGUI is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It should really cut down on development time since EasyGUI creates the necessary libraries for you.

I recommend reading the manual throughly and go through the tutorial exercises.