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I am (planning on) using a graphical LCD for a school project, but the LCD that I ordered does not have an onboard controller. I thought that I would still be able to use it by simply setting the pixels 4 at a time and cycling through them. Does anybody know if this is correct? And even if it is, I believe that there is a certain initialization sequence for most graphical LCDs. Can anybody confirm this? The data sheet that comes with this LCD is sorely lacking and does not explain anything very well. I just got the LCD today and haven't had a chance to test it out yet.

If anybody is interested, you can buy the LCD here for $7.75.'s not a typo and the LCD arrived in perfect condition and in a timely fashion. It's the Matsushita #EDM-LG64AA44D. 8.25" x 5.2" graphic display module with electroluminescent backlight. I couldn't find anything about it on the Internet. If anybody can figure out how to get it started up, it's a great deal.

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I'll make some educated guesses, based on what the data sheet shows.

There doesn't appear to be any initialization sequence, per se, as there is nothing to initialize except, perhaps, the shift register contents. I expect the display would power up with random pixels activated, and the initializing would consist of a frame of all zeros to clear it.

The timing looks reasonably well explained. There should be 160 clock pulses (CPX) for 160 nibbles of data for each upper and lower halves (maybe arranged in one byte by your software). After each 160 CPXs/bytes, there is a load pulse. That sequence is repeated 200 times to fill the frame. The FRM signal is used to set the shift registers to the upper left niblet in both halves, and is active only during the first line of each frame.

Seems pretty simple. If I could think of any use for this display, I'd buy one myself. The contrast spec is piss-poor though.

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Matsushita #EDM-LG64AA44D

I also bought one of these recently. Does anyone have any example code, drivers, or more explaination on how to use this LCD (Matsushita #EDM-LG64AA44D).