Graphic LCD Cases?


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I'm thinking of buying one of the graphic LCDs, like the CFAG12864B. Has anyone run across any prefab cases? Has anyone already solved the issue of mounting the display for either desktop or wall-mount usage (in something nicer looking than a Radio Shack plastic box).
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Charles L Davis

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I made some panel mounted displays by using an acrylic sheet (at Home Depot, unbreakable window glass). It's easy to cut and drill and you can paint it readily. I made a cutout and mounted one of the panels that CF sells for a 5 1/4 inch drive bay. I used the screw holes in the back to mount my own circuit board (which contained a Rabbit processor talking to the CF serial display).

The acrylic makes a pretty neat panel when you spray paint it.

Cheap, and easier to work than an aluminum panel.


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I just finished a production run where I used wood to build a mounting plate for a 633. Wood is even easier to work with and when sandwiched between the 633 and the Lexan faceplate it becomes very strong. This picture shows several units waiting to be installed into Humidor PCs.