Graphic LCD augmentation


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I am working on an adaptive filtering problem and I want to use a transmissive LCD in front of a camera. Basically I want something similar to CFAX12864AP1-NFH, but I want the LCD to be transmissive instead of transflective. I notice in the datasheet for the part that there are part numbers for the kind of LCD I would want (CFAX12864AP1-NF(C,F,I or L) ) but I don't see these products listed on your website. Would it be possible to purchase one of these parts? If you don't have them available, how much would a small run cost, and would it be more or less than say a custom LCD run (in your opinion, I don't need exact answers)?

A corollary to this is if it is not possible for you to make these LCDs, how easy would it be to augment say a CFAX12864AP1-NFH, to work in the method prescribed? What kind of transmittance characteristics do the transflective materials display? Would be possible to remove this transflective material?

Carl Allendorph
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CF Tech

It would take a large minimum order to get something like that going.

It might be possible to manually change the polarizer to a transmissive one.

I would think there must be an easier way.