GLCD display with fast response time?


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Hi all,

I am working on the design of a small handheld retro game console. For that I will need a suitable display. Corner specs (i.e. non-negotiable) are:

- Screen resolution: 128 x 64 pixels, preferably same pitch in X and Y direction
- Controller: Samsung KS0712, KS0713 or compatible

In addition, I'd prefer to have the negative voltage generator built in. Also, it should have a 0.1" spacing SIP connector rather than any of those surface-mount flex cables that are near impossible to solder manually (this console is supposed to be sold as a self-assembly kit).

I tried such a display (white font on blue background in this case) that I had lying in my drawer and noticed that the response time was very slow, which makes it unusable for the display of moving objects. From browsing the data sheets of some of the Crystalfontz GLCDs it seems this is a common issue with STN/FSTN type displays, with typical rise/fall time spec values of 200 - 300+ msec.

What is the fastest such display that Crystalfontz offers? I don't care much about font color or background color, but I'd hope there is something with a response time of maybe 100 msec typical?

Thanks in advance,

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