getting the USB 634


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but i have a question...

if i got the USB verison 634 unit, does it have a serial port on it or a USB port? the picture of it shows the serial connection, not a USB one... I just want to know, becuase when you click on the "price and ordering" information button on the 634-usb page, all that comes up is the 634 usb LCD, a 6" extension usb cable, and a faceplate... this led me to believe that All that is required to run the LCD is

1. The usb LCD itself
2. A USB Cable

is this true, or does it only have a serial cable in which case I would need to buy the serial-to-usb adapter?
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CF Mark

USB LCDs only need a USB cable... nothing else.

Serial LCDs need a serial cable and a power cable for the backlight if the LCD has one.


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Im upset your stuff Rock and is stable and dang on it i have nothing to complain about but you give me time ill fine something


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I think when you click on Order for the Usb 634 you have to order the Serial to Usb.. and that one end plugs into the Serial port on the back of the display and the other end plugs into the Usb port.. But I may be wrong but thats the way it looks...