getting the 633 and MBM together


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I posted this at the MBM support board

There has to be away to get the 633 and MBM together. They were meant for each other; like peanut butter and chocolate. Since I'm not even close to being a programer I'm not sure if what I'm saying would work or not. What if Crystal fontz had their program Crystal Control provide the information that MBM needs. Could it just add the data to the shared memory? or maybe write the data to a file that MBM could read; kind of like a virtual sensor chip? The only issue I can see is of timing the reads and writes. This way CC would be the only progam that needs to access the 633 and control of the com port. what kind of data does MBM need and in what format.

Can it be done?
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CF Mark

The application doing the displaying to the LCD will also have to be doing the reading of the temps/fan-speeds due to the problem of COM port sharing.

It could be done with separate applications, but it would be very hard to do and not worth the effort.

A new major version of CrystalControl is currently being worked on which will fully support the 633. It is a while away yet though.


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I see; well not really. Let see if I understand this.

1: only 1 app can address the LCD due to problems sharing the com port.

2: Right now CC is only displaying data it gets from the system ie(MBM, SETI, Games) not from the sensor chip on the 633.

3: The 633 Win_test app can read the sensor chip data and controll the fans. It can write the data to a file for logging if you add the reporting software. discussed here

4:CC doesn't support the logging function at this time. It may in the furture?

What I really want is for the data from the 633 sensor chip to be made avialable to MBM. Since only one app can use the lcd I was suggesting that CC write the sensor data to a file that MBM could read. CC would still run the LCD only now MBM could monitor the temp and fan speed. That way I can set up MBM to send alerts and shut down the sytem if thing go wrong.
This solution would require MBM to add the ability to monitor a virtual sensor chip.

I know these things aren't easy because if they were I'd be able to do it. Crystal Control is a great program and I appreciate all the hard work that has been put in to it.


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Your right with everything youve said there.

The problem is that writing that MBM support into CC would take a while.

So writing it in now would be a fairly big waste of time, as the code i would write to do that, would be useless with when the 633 becomes fully supported.

I think its better for me just to work on getting the full support for the 633 done.