Garbled text and filled lines on CFAG12864B-TMI-V


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I have a CFAG12864B-TMI-V that was hooked up and working nicely. However, the LCD was connected to a 5 pin programmer by accident on pins 1-5 of the LCD, where pin 1 was at 5 volts, pin 2 and 3 should of been 0 volts, and pins 4 and 5 would of been 5 volts and ground.

Now, when I connect the CFAG12864B-TMI-V it displays mostly garbled text where I can somewhat makeout what I am sending to the LCD. Everything is shifted upward by about 8 pixels as well, and a few 8 pixel high character lines are totally floodfilled.

I would not of thought that connecting to the programmer port would of caused any damage, but obviously there is a problem with it now.

Also, the first thing I display on the screen is a complete flood fill, and 3 different 1 pixel lines do not fill at all.

Is there any way to reset the display? Or have I damaged it beyond repair?

Thanks for the help.
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CF Tech

The display does not have any kind of non-volatile memory on it, so there is no way it could be set wrong in such a way that it would need a reset.

It is most likely damaged.

CF Tech

There is not really a way to repair them.

You can write support(at)crystalfontz(dot)com, reference this thread and your original invoice number, and they may be able to work out a courtesy discount on an exact replacement.