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Im getting bored of playing the same old games. I just wanted to know what other games are out. I'm usually playing Day of Defeat or War Craft 3 got bored of Diablo II. WHAT ELSE IS OUT THERE?

LCD Question:
Will their ever be multiple server options? I am not always on the same server when playing games like DoD.

One more Question:
Any major differences in USB and Serial LCD?
Thanks JB
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CF Mark

Eventually CrystalControl will support multiple game server and email, etc.
But i doubt it will ever be able to pick what game your playing, and on what server.

Besides the interface (USB or Serial) there are no other differences between the LCDs.

Battlefield 1942.
UT 2003
Medal Of Honor
CounterStrike (yeh, people still play this ;) )

CF Mark

Joaquin said:
Johnny....get on Return to Castle Wolfenstein....You'll never be bored again.
Nah, not true.
I finished the game on hard in about a week.
Got rid of it after that.
I must admit though, it is a very cool game.

Oh, i forgot, try and get Ghost Recon (and the expansion packs).
This is a great game. Probably my fave.
Very difficult, not just a shoot-em-up, lots of tactics involved.
If you like that, then also try the older Rogue Spear games.


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Naw man! I am talking about some multi-player action. One Life to Live Multi-Player Wolfenstein all the way.