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In halflife, in order to get the stats for the game you are in, do you have to change the server ip in overall setting every time you go to a new server? Thanks
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CF Mark

Yes you do.
As far as i know, there is no way of getting that information from the game your playing.


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as i meantioned in another thread
for unreal tournament its possible to get the gameserver ip and name, nickname and map from the logs.. theres allready a script written for mirc, if it helps u pls contact me so i can send u some detailed information about this script..


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Yeah i have seen people with scripts in irc to tell u where the are playin at that time for Counter-Strike etc, but how would u enter this in Crystal Control thingy. Could anyone who knows how to get it to automatically link to whatever server u are on and get details could u let me know via email plz :) . Or if there is another peice of software which will do this can u let me know too.


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