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Just installed CC2.0 and am very pleased with it so far. I do however have a question regaurding the game server plug-in. I installed the plug-in and it works in tandom with ASE without a problem when I join a CoD-United Offence server. It displys everything that it is suppose to except after I disconnect from the server the info from the server I was just on still remains in the LCD Display. Also, if I try to join my Counter Strike Source server through ASE, after I connect no server info is displayed. Sometimes if I join a Call of Duty server and then disconnect and join my COunter Strike Server, the info from the CoD server is still displayed even tho I am playing a differnt game on a different server. Anyway, just wondering if there is a tweak to fix this so it works with counter strike source? Thanks.
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CF Mark

Confirmed, CS-Source isnt working.
Its now on the top of my to-do list.

As for the info not stopping when returning, that is a bug i need to fix.

Updates soon...


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I just had a quick question. I am interested in using the game server screens and I saw this in the manual's plugin info about the game server plugin

The-All-Seeing-Eye (not required, but recommended for easy use).
Does that mean I can get around having to use ASE? I hear its a great program, but I was hoping that I wouldn't have to purchase it. Currently Xfire suits all my needs and its free.