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Ok, I downloaded Fraps 2.5 and it doesnt register on my 634 when playing a game, just shows a 0.

Do I need to do something in FRAPS to tell it to record or something?

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CF Mark

When playing a game, does FRAPS display the curent FPS in the game window?
In FRAP settings its in the "FPS" tab, you should select an "overlay corner".

Bada Bing

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Yep, got it set up that way and it still shows:



Thanks for moving my post BTW I didnt notice i put it in the wrong forum :confused:


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Bada Bing said:
Yes, everything in FRAPS works well, the info never makes it to the 634
OK, sorry about the delay-as promised in another thread I`ve now looked at the problem and think I can resolve it. I am no expert on Fraps, never used it before so I can`t say how good the results are.

On the other hand, looking at the screen for the plugin it shows a lot of promise and in this instance does not appear to be at fault. Apart from results that is, I can`t vouch for them but can tell you how to get them on your 634 display.

Download and install Directx 9.0c from MS, make sure its the C version. Start Fraps 2.5 if not done, then start Fraps on your 634. Start your game (I tested in HalfLife2), now if it isn`t displayed on your 634 within a few seconds then press F12 to move the number around the four corner positions on the Fraps console.

What a steep learning curve this is, never used Fraps, never used a 634 but hopefully something will be working for you very soon after reading this! Please get back to us either way, we rely on feedback.

EDIT: Make sure you install the new Fraps 250 screens and cc2_process.dll from


Whilst your screen will work without them, it will certainly be improved after installation and subsequent reboot. I, at least, found a quicker screen change after leaving a game. Now tested on Doom 3 and RCT3 also.

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fraps and vista

I want to record some inages from Warcraft and i understand Fraps is doing that. I have installed from here and i can not run in Vista.

The setup is complete but when i press shortcut key nothing is happening.
Is working on Vista?