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FPD Forum Launch

Jan. 27th, 2005 -This week, FPD Forum at www.fpdforum.com was launched to provide display industry professionals and those seeking guidance on display choices and options a place to get together, share knowledge, get some questions answered, and bounce ideas off each other.

Being still relatively new & focused on a relatively small group of us all that love display technologies and enjoy working with displays (despite connector, interface, and obsolescence issues that always tend to pop up at the worst times), there's just a small handful of posts as of yet -but take a look, drop a post or two if there's something you'd like to say about OLED's, LCD's, FED's, CNT Displays, SED's, TFEL's, LED's and related issues in working with each of these.

Nice to finally have a decent resource like this put together...

FPD Forum
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