FPC tail socket part number for CFAF128160C-018T


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Hi, could someone suggest a part number / distributor for the matching FPC tail socket for the CFAF128160C-018T display? I'm having difficulty locating one on mouser, digikey, etc.

Thanks in advance,

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From what I can see in the datasheet and photos, this FFC tail is designed to be soldered ("hot bar") to a pcb, and not used with a connector. The width of the tail is greater than what standard FFC connectors would accomodate. Maybe a wider connector, for 32 or 34 pins (or ?), could be made to work, or you might have to trim the width of the tail.

If you want to prototype the connections, you could use a breakout board, something like this:


You'd have to be careful when soldering the tail to anchor it well to strain-relieve it before soldering, and then tape it for good measure.