Fonts for ST7565P


New member

I have a Sitronix ST7565P 65x132 dot matrix LCD controller, capable of displaying 8 columns x 4 rows fonts.

I 'm looking for FONTS that could be dispayed on the above device. I would like to have fonts in bitmap format.

Could some one please help me find something that satisfies the above needs.

Thanks & rgds
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CF Tech

I have an old program that would grab the fonts out of a VGA card's CGROM, and print them as tables for assembly language.

You would need a '286 to run it on, and of course there is the issue of who "owns" the font :(

But frankly there has to be an easier way to get a font. Lots of open source (linux comes to mind) must have the fonts included somewhere.

Might be able to find something using Google.