font size is just a little bit too small!


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We have purchased several of the CFA634-TFH-KS, which I believe is the biggest model you have (130mm x 63mm x 19.9mm).
We're finding that we wish it was just slightly bigger, or at least, that the characters were a little bit bigger. We need to be able to see from about 5 feet away, and right now only those of us with the best eyesight can do so.

So first question is, I dont suppose you carry something bigger thats just not on your website, or that I've missed?

Second question: is there any way I can increase the size of the font on these devices? I have the "Data Sheet" user manual which mentions something about "large characters" but it seems to apply only to numbers, not letters.
If there is a way to double the size of all characters, that could be very useful to me, even though I understand it would decrease how many characters that I can display on-screen by a lot.

Are there any other options I'm missing? I've already tried the obvious - playing with the the brightness and contrast, and using all capital letters. But I think we need to somehow either make the individual characters bigger, or get a slightly larger display.

Thanks for any ideas!
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The CFA634 family is the largest serial or USB interface module that we manufacture. There isn't anything bigger unless you move to a parallel / HD44780 type interface.

The characters are as large as they can get and are embedded in the CGROM. You can use the "large characters" to create letters or numbers - the CC2 code is typically numbers. They are a set of 8 custom characters that are used to put together larger characters that take up all four lines. You can fit five of these across the display. You need 4 characters by four lines for each.

It may be possible to do something similar using the custom characters and characters from the CGROM to create a two line characters.

Here is a screen shot of the "large characters" on a CFA635:

Here is an example of a two row character displayed on a CFA635:

Screens are from our CC2 user library:


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Thank you for your quick reply. I will do my best to look into the things you said.

I am definitely more interested in the 2 row characters than the huge 4 row characters - I definitely need more than 5 characters on screen at once.

Being really new at this, I'm assuming that CC2 user library is a set of fonts created by users? In other words we can create our own fonts instead of using the ones that came built-in on the device?

Thanks again.

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The "user fonts" are created using a combination of CGROM characters and 8 custom characters per screen. You can have an "infinite" number of custom characters you can define, but it is only possible to use 8 at any given time. Typically it's done for numbers, but the same process should work for most.