folding@home support?


New member
heya hehe i see you are a OCAUer
and well as almost all ocauers fold now are you going to add support?

also do you have some config files ready to go ?

hehe i am to lazy to go throu all the settings myself to set it up

also lol on a more SA based thing are you going to wonderlan this weedend

yes i will edit this bit out once i get a answer ;-P
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CF Mark

Well im not an OCAU folder :(
I just cant see how i can with it not being able to cache work packets.
I havnt looked into it though, so is there another way?

As for Wonderlan, maybe... will have to see if any of my friends will join me. Ive found that wonderlan isnt quite as good as it used to be... the best thing used to be organised gaming comps, but at the last wlan i went to they didnt have any. That kinda discouraged me from going again.
Im always at Valhalla though.

Anyway, back on topic....
Ill what i can do about supporting it. It really depends on how kind the log/data files are.
Thats why CC supported Seti from the start, because information was so easy to get from its data files.


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well i think one of the ocauers helps cod for foling so you could ask him

yeah wonders realy has started to go down hill but if you come i wil be the guy with a 20x2 vfd ;-P and cheering when it gets to midnight as i will be turning 18 at wonders ;-P

and as for valhalla that should be wild 650 ppl!!

and i though F@H did cache work units ? hmmm

but yea back on topic if you email the guys at F@H i am sure they will help out as much as they can , they have no reason not to and all the reason to do it