feature request please


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Hi -
Thank you for some of the best software Ive ever seen for LCD products and best of all thank you so much for not being greedy and charging for your drivers or software !! I am a loyal customer for ever now and I doubt I will ever build another PC w/ out using a CF LCD !!

Im sorry if Im posting this in the wrong area I wasn't sure which forum was appropriate.

I would like to suggest/request a feature though - could you please impliment some way of checking MULTIPLE pop accts. I love the pop mail check feature in the crystal display settings but I have about 5 accounts that I would like to check and the software only has space for 1.

Thank you again - love the LCD and love the software and support!
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thank you.. looking forward to it !

Thank you much for your help and for the awesome software.
look forward to ver2 !