FCC ID for CFA-631

CF Tech

The display itself is not FCC approved. It is a component (think resistor, or capacitor or stick of RAM) rather than a stand-alone product. The display's emissions (even though they are low, since it is a fairly low power device--especially compared to most systems it is installed into) and susceptibility are largely controlled by the case that it is mounted in, and how it is mounted and cabled to the host system.

You would want to include the CFA-631 in your overall product when you submit your overall product for FCC testing.

We have installed a CFA-633 in one of our "standard" brackets, and tested it in a "standard" PC case, and came in under the FCC limits. If anything, the CFA-631 should be emit less energy, since it uses a 4-layer PCB and since the PCB is tucked almost entirely inside the bezel.

I think the greatest worry (though still probably minor) is that the display presents a "window" in the case that would allow RF energy from the high power components of the system to escape. Again though, this would have to be verified in a complete operational system.